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Our #1 goal at Uphoria is safety and your wellness is our top priority.

Vitamin infusion therapy is a unique way to enhance the body naturally, support a healthy state, and allows you to be proactive with your health.

Vitamin infusion therapy is for someone looking to enhance their health with a goal to stay healthy.

Common Uses of Vitamin Infusion Therapy

·  Fluid volume loss due to dehydration

·  Immune System Enhancement

·  Illness Prevention

·  Fatigue

·  Stress 

·  Detoxification

·  And More

What nutrients can be administered?

IV therapy consists of a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are utilized by the body to improve wellness in a variety of different ways. Vitamin infusion therapy is a process that involves customizing a "drip" tailored to suit your unique needs.

How does the process work at Uphoria?

You will be greeted by staff and placed in a calm, quiet lounge atmosphere where you will have vital signs and a good faith exam, which includes reviewing your past and current medical history together with a board-certified medical professional. The next step is deciding on a drip that best fits your current needs. After a shared decision has been made on a type of drip, an intravenous line (IV) will be started. Once the IV is maintained the mixture of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients will be infused into the bloodstream all while relaxing in comfortable environment.

Additional Info

Nutrient deficiencies are very common. Eating the right foods is sometimes not enough to maintain. What we eat and how we digest/absorb nutrients is a vital factor in overall health. Though you may be consuming and supplementing these nutrients appropriately, sometimes the body does not process these nutrients as expected. Thus leading to deficiencies and or abundances throughout the body. Absorption initially begins in the stomach and if someone is not aware of possible stomach issues, they may need to be consuming more/less supplements to fulfill their body’s needs. One positive about IV therapy is that it bypasses the stomach and is directly into the blood stream.

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